Jeju Japanese Restaurant, The Best Sushi in Downtown Ft. Collins

Jeju Japanese Restaurant, The Best Sushi in Downtown Ft. Collins


Living in a college town I was skeptical about how nice of a sushi restaurant I would be able to find, until I discovered a Japanese restaurant called Jeju. It is located off of College Avenue on the corner of Olive Street in Old Town Fort Collins It stands out with its chic appearance and spacious outdoor seating area. Jeju exudes a classy and modern atmosphere, with its quaint Asian decor, wooden booths, and grand sushi bar. Jeju is not a particularly romantic place, as the seating area is pretty open as opposed to having little nooks for privacy. Though, the atmosphere is very calm, quiet, and relaxing. The sushi bar is also an interesting experience since you can watch the chefs prepare the sushi, its like a show and a dinner all in one! The staff is very friendly, and great at answering any (and all) of the questions you may have about their entrees and sushi.

Jeju Japanese Restaurant, The Best Sushi in Downtown Ft. Collins

Traditional Japanese Cuisine:

The entrees at Jeju are mostly traditional Japanese Cuisine, though they do also have some Korean entrees. They have miso and udon soups, bowls with either chicken, beef, or seafood accompanied by freshly steamed vegetables and rice or soba noodles, and of course, sushi. One great thing most of my friends like about the bowls at Jeju is that the meat tastes particularly fresh and of high quality, and that there are lots of big pieces of fresh vegetables instead of little slivers that probably came from a frozen bag. When I go to Jeju, I go for the sushi. The caterpillar roll is my favorite, though I think the Eel roll and Jeju house roll are high in the ranks as well. Another great thing is their presentation, you feel like you’re eating at a ritzy New York sushi bar because their presentation is perfect.

The prices of Jeju are about average for most sushi restaurants. They have sushi rolls starting at $4.25, and going up to $12.00, though for sashimi (raw fish, sometimes on top a little rice) fans, there is $1.00 sushi offered 11:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m Monday through Friday. The bowls also vary in price (with ones having seafood being the most expensive) and start at $11.25, going up to $18.00. Most of my friends say “It is one of the few restaurants that is worth the price” and that “The outside seating area makes me feel like i’m eating at some upscale L.A sushi restaurant.” I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys high quality Japanese cuisine, or who is looking to have a unique Old Town experience.

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