AKA Sushi in Houston, Texas – a Review

AKA Sushi in Houston, Texas - a Review


I’ve seen AKA Sushi in Houston, Texas many times while driving on West Alabama but I never ate there nor remembered to go there when my husband and I were craving sushi; however, on Christmas night I was really craving sushi after being on the Flat Belly Diet for nearly three weeks. So I looked up restaurants that were open on Christmas and just my luck AKA Sushi was one of them.

AKA Sushi in Houston, Texas - a Review

At Japanese Restaurants:

I didn’t have a menu for AKA Sushi and their web site was down temporarily, so I just ordered things I knew most Japanese restaurants would have: salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, a California roll, and seaweed salad. The woman who took my order knew their menu well which lead me to believe they would get my order right, and fortunately they did. I was told it would take 10-15 minutes which was perfect timing because that’s how long it took me to get there.

So I loaded up my dog, Euri, and drove to AKA Sushi. When I pulled into the parking lot I could see that there were plenty of people enjoying sushi on Christmas. I walked in and they had my order ready and waiting for me. The interior lighting was dim but not so dark that I couldn’t see; it seemed very chic and there were people eating at the sushi bar. After paying, I took a chocolate mint from the bowl by the cash register and headed back towards my car. Fortunately AKA Sushi is in River Oaks so I didn’t have to worry about my dog being dog-knapped while I was in the restaurant.

When I got home I unpacked the take-away bag and I could see they had given me two sets of chopsticks – did I really order that much food? I started with the California Roll which had roe all around it; I’m not a fan of roe because it makes the sushi more salty, but I know it is usually more expensive. The rolls were good but as I had suspected, they were a bit too salty for me.


Next I had the tuna and salmon nigiri and I have to say they were just downright amazing. The fish was fresh, soft and easy to eat. I had the seaweed salad last and that too, was excellent. It wasn’t too salty and it was mixed in with shredded cabbage.

I give AKA Sushi in Houston five stars based on my experience, and I’m looking forward to returning to dine in with my husband.

The web site for AKA Sushi is currently under construction but when it comes back up you should be able to view their menu items by clicking here.



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