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Sushi central will provide you with the highest quality food materials and atmosphere according to the type of function, beautifully decorated set up, and customer service you would expect from a professional company who takes pride in your satisfaction.

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"Sushi seems has been shrouded in mystery with a long standing tradition that one has to be Japanese and one has to be a man to understand true Sushi, but I disagree. Sushi is just food, anyone can make it as long as they have the knowledge and the skills while keeping the dignity of its art alive. Change is inevitable, one must have the capacity to embrace it"
Chef Phillip Yi


For meetings, conferences, seminars, office events, or other events, our experienced staff  will bring you a delicious and unforgettable platter of sushi. You will enjoy the freshest fish expertly prepared and beautifully presented.

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Our dedication and commitment is "catering" to the needs and wants of all our customers by providing you with the highest quality food materials and by customizing a menu for your specific event, whether large or small.

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Wines using a diversity of flavors are being produced from a wide assortment of grape varieties and Japanese varieties as well.

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Jeju Japanese Restaurant, The Best Sushi in Downtown Ft. Collins

Introduction: Living in a college town I was skeptical about how nice of a sushi restaurant I would be able to find, until I discovered a Japanese restaurant called Jeju. It is located off of College Avenue on the corner of Olive Street in Old Town Fort Collins It stands out with its chic appearance and spacious outdoor seating area. Jeju exudes a classy and modern atmosphere, with its quaint Asian decor, wooden booths, and grand sushi bar. Jeju is not a particularly romantic place, as the seating area is pretty open as opposed to having little nooks for privacy. Though, the atmosphere is very calm, quiet, and relaxing. The sushi bar is also an interesting experience since you can watch the chefs prepare the sushi, its like a show...

AKA Sushi in Houston, Texas – a Review

Introduction: I've seen AKA Sushi in Houston, Texas many times while driving on West Alabama but I never ate there nor remembered to go there when my husband and I were craving sushi; however, on Christmas night I was really craving sushi after being on the Flat Belly Diet for nearly three weeks. So I looked up restaurants that were open on Christmas and just my luck AKA Sushi was one of them. At Japanese Restaurants: I didn't have a menu for AKA Sushi and their web site was down temporarily, so I just ordered things I knew most Japanese restaurants would have: salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, a California roll, and seaweed salad. The woman who took my order knew their menu well which lead me to believe they would...

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Impress your guests at your next party with a sushi bar set up in your home, office or any location of choice for lunch, dinner or as an appetizer.

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